Alabama vs Clemson | NCAA College Football Semifinal Playoffs

Alabama Vs Clemson the Clemson Tide opened this one up as the two point favorites despite losing pretty convincingly to Auburn in their last game .Since the markets open this one up though most of that early money has been coming in on the Clemson Tigers to get the job done Clemson took most of that early action. So that will move the line down to us one and a half against the spread once we start to get into these high-profile marquee primetime college games .

Alabama vs Clemson

You do get a lot of public betters involved somewhat of an amateur hour i  you follow the number but if you find yours lf to be one of those folks who do in fact follow the money.You may not want to put all of your stock and where these numbers are going to move because  will most likely see a lot of action and a lot of recreational action as well. You know those non regular betters dropping  a few hundred bucks on their favorite  team or Alabama mater but anyway I have rambled long enough let’s go ahead and take a look at the tale of the tape .

When it comes to the trends and the one thing to keep in mind when it comes to these trends they’ve played most of the cupcakes that Division one has to offer a really weak competition .So they found themselves laying double-digit points in 9 of their 11 games on the year that’s of same in their last 6 they’re going up against a Clemson squad. Who’s been pretty good against the numbers on their side of things this Clemson squad have successfully covered the spread in the three straight they have  also done a pretty good job of covering all year long going eight and five against the spread overall Clemson’s also be good on the road going for and to 80s.I  their games away from home Tigers betters have also made themselves some significant money .

When these guys play those stingy defenses Clemson’s gone an impressive 6 and one against the spread teams allowing less than 25 points per game and the top .It all off the Tigers are four and two covering in their games over a 700 win percentage .All the case for Clemson betters can certainly be made now when it comes to the totals good amount of under in both teams games recently Clemson contests went three and O to the under in their last three themselves all that mine the case for defense can certainly be made .